All-in-one control solution

Flow and process control in one device


The control of liquids or levels requires many sensors and a valve. This results in many process connections and possible leakages. In addition to the necessary cabling, a flow computer is also required to compensate for influences such as medium temperature and process pressure during flow measurement. Many components and process connections generally increase a system's susceptibility to errors.


All the above-mentioned components are combined in one device in the world's first intelligent process node FOCUS-1. It contains the entire measuring technology, a pneumatic valve and a flow computer. Thus, only two flange connections are necessary and possible leakage risks are reduced to a minimum.

Safety benefits

  • Extremely high fail-safe temperature, pressure and flow measurement through redundant sensors and digital twin

  • Fully integrated diagnostic options ensure trouble-free operation: e.g. cavitation detection, valve leakage according to class 2, IEC 60534-4

  • Maximum reduction of susceptibility to faults due to significantly reduced wiring: FOCUS-1 requires only a single cable connection

  • Only two flange connections for the entire measuring and control technology ensure the lowest risk of leakage.

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