Occupational & Process Safety

"Plant safety is a top priority in the development of instrumentation solutions. Both for direct occupational safety and for reliable measurement."

Michelle Zaers,
Product Manager Analytics,
Occupational & Process Safety Expert

Increased process and people safety through reliable measurements and diagnostics

In the area of plant safety, measurement technology can contribute two essential points in addition to the areas of functional safety and explosion protection: On the one hand, extremely reliable measured values are necessary to ensure process safety. An incorrect temperature measurement, for example, can directly cause a critical condition in the process. On the other hand, there are also ideas for measurement technology that can contribute directly to accident prevention, for example solutions that prevent the leakage of process fluids even better or make work processes significantly safer.

Free on-demand seminars

Functional Safety (SIL) in the process industry

  • On-demand online seminar ‘Functional safety (SIL) in the process industry’

  • In collaboration with PHOENIX CONTACT, AUMA, HIMA, SAMSON, Exida, Ramsys, Yncoris and Dow Chemical

  • Key operating issues: basics, the latest changes of the IEC 61508 and optimization of Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) according to the standards IEC 61508/61511

KROHNE Safety Academy

Safety by hardware design for accident prevention

Help with direct accident prevention through measurement technology can be divided into two main areas: Intelligent design of measuring devices and fittings for sensors can significantly reduce the likelihood of unintentional leakage of process media, especially during maintenance tasks. There are also solutions that can make plant operations significantly safer. For example, the ability to calibrate PH sensors offline means that the maintenance technician only needs to replace these sensors on site with sensors calibrated in the laboratory. This completely eliminates the need for on site calibration, which often takes place in locations that are difficult to access.

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