Bulk water measurement with remote data communication

Measurement solutions for water abstraction and distribution

  • Remote monitoring of abstraction wells and drinking water supply lines
  • Wireless connection of battery or mains powered flowmeters to a control room
  • With a wide range of data transfer options for analogue or digital signals


3 solutions

Remote monitoring of water wells without power supply

Battery-powered measurement solution for water abstraction

  • Energy self-sufficient flow, pressure and hydrostatic level measurement with remote data transfer
  • Data logging and wireless communication via GSM/GPRS
  • Combined solution for an efficient groundwater management

Potable water consumption monitoring and water loss detection

Battery-powered measurement solution for water supply networks

  • Integrated flow, pressure and temperature measurement with GPRS remote data transfer
  • Creating consumption profiles for a smart drinking water management
  • Increased security of supply and energy efficiency in water distribution

Remote flow monitoring in District Metering Areas

Flow measurement solution with continuous wireless data communication

  • High accuracy flow measurement with license-free wireless system for infrastructure applications
  • Reliable and secure remote data transfer for district metering areas (DMA)
  • Enables operators to create significant water balances