Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the power generation industry

Renewable power generation in CSP plants with solar trough and power tower

  • Flow calibrated inline flowmeters for thermal oil and molten salt as heat carrier
  • Non contact high temperature level measurement in heat storage tanks
  • Multipoint temperature measurement
  • Full solution supply for solarthermal projects

In a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant, the sun’s thermal energy is concentrated by mirrors. A heat transfer fluid - either thermal, molten salt or liquid sodium - is used to transfer the energy to the steam generator. The steam generator is part of a conventional water steam cycle generating electricity via a steam turbine and an electrical generator. Beside the on-going electricity production, the thermal energy is partially stored in heat storage tanks using molten salt, in order to enable electricity production during the night-time. After the sunset the stored heat can be used to continue production for some 8 hours or more. Heat transfer oil is typically used for process temperatures up to 400 °C, molten Salt is typically utilized up to 550 °C.

KROHNE can address the supply of all major process control instrumentation across the entire power generation process. The industry specific solutions and products available meet the particular requirements of the power generation process like standards, materials, testing and documentation.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Power generation

Our Global Industry Division Power Generation serves beside KROHNE Nuclear all other thermoelectric power generation processes, from renewable and low carbon processes to fossil technologies and heat distribution. Our services range from supply of a single DP transmitter up to the complete execution of project packages - such as fully engineered metering solutions with coverage of all project phases, through to commissioning and training. A number of unique application specific products and solutions for the power generation market offer benefits for end users as well as for the EPC companies. With our international presence in more than 100 countries local support is available around the World.

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